Runtastic Pro กำลังแจกฟรี ให้ไว

Runtastic Pro ตัวนี้เป็น app สำหรับคนที่ชอบวิ่งครับ จากราคา 4.99 ตอนนี้ แจกฟรีครับ


PRO Features:

✔ Voice feedback during a workout: Get audio feedback for each mile or kilometer
✔ Live tracking: Show your friends and family where you are
✔iPod integration: Listen to your music while you are training
✔Power song: Activate your power song to give your workout a boost
✔Cheering: Hear cheers and receive messages live from your friends and be motivated to go even further
✔Interval training and coaching: Improve your performance by gradually increasing your training
✔Heart rate support
✔Auto Pause
✔Competitions: Challenge yourself or your friends. The voice coach supports you and tell you how you´re doing.
✔Split table for each mile or kilometer
✔Calorie goal: Set a specific calorie goal and use the voice feedback to reach your workout goal
✔Pace goal: Define your favorite pace
✔Geotagging: Take pictures during a workout and see these pictures online at your map trace
✔Weather and Temperature: Receive live weather information and save weather data automatically after a workout
✔Prediction of sunrise and sunset
✔Landscape mode
✔Remote control for pause and resume a session
✔Heart rate zones
✔Weather integration
✔Ad free


✔Map your workouts in real-time with built-in GPS and monitor your progress (time, distance, speed, pace, calories, altitude, etc.)
✔Personal workout diary and metrics
✔Weekly, monthly and yearly statistics
✔Mapping: Detailed live mapping and historical mapping of previous sessions (Google maps)
✔Dashboard configuration: Display preferred statistics

✔Graphs: Get charts with altitude, pace, speed and heart rate information
✔Performance analysis with lap times
✔Enjoy your workouts with the integrated iPod function player
✔Set goals for time and distance
✔Accurate calculation of elevation gain and loss
✔Manual entry of workouts: Add treadmill, spinning and weightlifting workouts
✔Share your success on Facebook and Twitter
✔iCloud: Settings are synchronized when upgrading from Lite to Pro

Don’t train alone! Sexy voices will give you feedback about different statistics (distance, speed, pace …) and our cheering feature will help motivate you.

You can save all your workouts at

Using the online community you’ll get further analysis, metrics and comparisons to your friends. Additionally, you can choose a training plan and track your body statistics. Share all your workouts easily with the facebook and twitter connect.

Make sports and fitness even more fun with the brand new runtastic PRO with a lot of new features and benefits!

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.






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